Noah. A new president in the tennis club: David Foures

The General Assembly of the Atypical Tennis Club, as it brings together the results of two consecutive tennis years, is a parenthesis linked to the health conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the end of the competitions, the courses were maintained when health conditions allowed, for a reenactment that was appreciated by all members. In such a situation, the teachers who looked after the children were thanked for a long time. Thanks were also extended to Isabel Iacono, who left no stone unturned during these two difficult years.

For the 2021–2022 season, Nomean Tennis Club is starting again on the right foot. The competitions resume, challenging Edouard Touquet and others…, where the teams are registered. Activities as per the calendar of the year are also included in the agenda of the club. The resigning office was renewed in large part with the election of David Faure to head the club: “It is with pleasure that I take over from Isabel Iacono and her predecessors, whose work I have admired for all these years. During Words are coming that he will take his position as President of the Tennis Club. The Bureau is composed of: President: David Faure. Treasurer: Karine Bouzigs. Secretary: Sebastian Fusilier.

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