No new deaths, figures of incidents decreasing in Corsica

Like every day of the week, Corsica’s ARS communicates data on the COVID-19 pandemic in Corsica this Wednesday.

No new deaths are to be mentioned, but the number of hospitalizations is stable, number 88. In these 88 hospitals, there are 72 cases of COVID under treatment recently, of which 21 are in critical care in Corse-du-Sud, and 9 out of 51 are critical. Care in the haute-course, where the pressure of the hospital remains very strong. 16 people are hospitalized for long-term cases, 13 in Corse-du-Sud, 3 in Haute-Cors.

In the last 24 hours, 234 new cases have been reported in Corsica, 119 in Corse-du-Sud and 115 in Haute-Cors. The positivity rate again came down drastically to 3.9%

In terms of event statistics, they are down last week, with 510 for the whole of Corsica, 521 in Cors-du-Sud and 500 in Haute-Cours. It also fell to those over 65, with 194 for the whole of Corsica, 245 in Haute-Cors and 138 in Corse-du-Sud.

In terms of vaccination, 228,558 people received the first dose in Corsica, i.e. 66.3% of the population, while 57.2% of Corsicans are considered to have been fully vaccinated, or 197,289.

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