No More Heroes III: Nintendo Switch Exclusive Coming to Xbox, PlayStation and PC | Xbox one

While it was reserved exclusively for the Nintendo Switch when it was released in August 2021, No More Heroes III seems to have ended its period of exclusivity much to the delight of players. Many supports are impressed by this good news, grasshopper construction also promises some small innovations.

great improvement in vision

You’ll have to be a little patient to get your hands on it as its release on other media is scheduled for this fall, without any further details. Be careful, this does not mean that the developer will give his thumbs up by proposing a simple port. No More Heroes III will benefit from the more efficient hardware of other consoles and PCs to enjoy a better experience than the Nintendo Switch.

The studio notably announces a higher framerate as well as reworked graphics. Also the loading time will be less.

If a non-physical version is planned for each medium, the game will deserve a good old physical version as well. XSEED Games will also offer a full day one version.

first day content

  • A commemorative license plate.
  • A digital copy in the entirety of the OST.
  • An illustration by Yusuke Kozaki.

No More Heroes III, which marks the end of the franchise that began in 2007, will be available this fall on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

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