No More Heroes 3: A hilarious new trailer

Today we were considered for a new trailer No More Heroes 3, undoubtedly the best unveiled for the expected sequel for the time being. posed as fake video youtube (With fake ads and buffering in passing), it aims to encourage newcomers to start the series, specifying that this third episode will not exclude them, even if it is “Even better if you’ve played the previous games“(That’s cool, they are both available on the eShop in high quality ports) Including Travis Strikes Again, hence, the spin-off disliked by critics whose trailer laughs and says “This is the kind of experimental game we’ll enjoy in ten years“.

new trailer for No More Heroes 3 also allows us to see the return of dirty girl and Shinobu Jacobso, taken from the first game, which will help Travis Touchdown in conflict. We’ll also see that the mechanism for recharging the saber still exists, which will lead to a combat system similar to the previous games – Good news, because it’s getting a little old.

No More Heroes 3 In any case it seems to improve graphically with each new trailer unveiled: it remains only to hope that it all plays smoothly on consoles. Nintendo, by whichunreal engine 4 Doesn’t always succeed. When the game is released we’ll be able to judge it in pieces August 27, 2021.

No More Heroes 3. New trailer and presentation of

Travis Touchdown is back at Santa Destroy after a ten-year absence. Upon his arrival, he will discover a vast artificial island containing a metropolis floating on the ocean, and a mysterious object hovering above. What kind of crazy killers is Travis dealing with at the moment?!

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