No deaths recorded on Sunday in London are gradually decreasing

The City of London reported no deaths from Kovid-19 on this Sunday, 28 March. A symbolic figure, but one which clearly states that the United Kingdom is on a downward slope, the opposite of what is happening in France.

In January, there were more than 1,000 deaths from Kovid-19 on average every day in the UK. The figure has dropped drastically since September to a record 17 deaths per day since September. Currently, 350 patients arrive at hospitals every day, while in mid-January, health services collapse in more than 4,500 cases a day.

The container has been in use for about three months and is only loosening very slowly. Since Monday in England, outdoor sports such as golf and tennis are permitted, and it is possible to meet up to six outdoor. In late December, France closed its border in fear of an English version. Today, in contrast, some British are calling for a ban on travelers arriving from France. The government refused to do so, many essential goods passing through France.

Denaturation is accompanied by a vaccination campaign that is working well. More than 30 million Britons have received at least one dose. But the strategy will change slightly. “April will be the month of the second dose”, In Boris Johnson’s own words.

The country allows up to 12 weeks between two doses. The first injection has been applied extensively since January. Those vaccinated in January should receive their second injection as a priority for a full vaccine. Currently, they already have more than 3.6 million in this case.

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The downside is an Indian factory that supplies the British with AstraZeneca. It will not deliver the five million doses that were expected these days, with priority in India. And no new UK delivery date has yet been set. One of the people in charge of the vaccination campaign described the situation as follows: “We’re going to go from ‘extremely fast’ to ‘a little slow’.”

But this Monday evening, Boris Johnson released a new asset: Novavax. 50 to 60 million doses of this American vaccine are to be produced in the UK and no exports are planned, until all adults have received at least one dose. This should be done by the end of July at the latest, according to the government’s timetable.

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