No deaths from Kovid-19 in London on Sunday, first death for six months

Bathing in the Union Jack in the pool, daggers of young people in the park, tennis and football players wherever possible. Tomorrow Monday, late in the evening until the lukewarm evening, the British felt “happy” to welcome the return of some freedoms, a day later on Sunday without death on the coronovirus front, and with the lowest new contaminants for six months .

After the reopening of their schools on 8 March, England took a new step out of the imprisonment offered yesterday in January. The “stay at home” order was lifted, and the outdoor sports facilities reopened. Some, very happy with these largi and good weather, have overwhelmed the new structure, largely allowing six people or two families to come together; Inspired by dozens of youth gatherings in the parks, more toasting than a late hug without a mask, which is widely published on Tuesday.

Weddings are reauthorized to justify an “extraordinary” cause, but with six guests. Telecommunication is the rule for anyone who may prefer walking or cycling in public transport. Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston warned on Sky News, “There are always laws here and the rules are broken when the police impose a fine.”

Boris Johnson still calls for caution

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, however, called for caution. If the epidemic situation in the United Kingdom improves, thanks to vaccination, it is “inevitable” that whatever the “wave” falls in Europe results in an increase in pollution, hospitals and deaths in the United Kingdom. . So we must “continue to build our defense against this wave when it arrives,” he continued at a press conference on Monday. If the deployment of the vaccine is “impressive” – ​​60% of the adult population received the first dose – “we have no idea how strong our fortifications are compared to the second wave,” he admitted.

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Nevertheless, the government has not yet revised the process of progressive collapse. The next phase should be warmly welcomed: On April 12, the roofs of pubs, bars and restaurants will have the right to reopen as hairdressers. For foreign travel, they will not be reauthorized until 17 May.

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