“No city” in the Donetsk region is “safe” for its population – rts.ch

Russian shelling affected two grain storage terminals in the Ukrainian port city of Mykolaiv on Wednesday, their operators, business houses Bunge and Vitera, said.

A spokesman for the group said the Avery Port terminal, owned by Vitera and dedicated to vegetable oils, was “damaged by a missile attack”, leaving one person slightly injured, adding that two silos had caught fire and A third was damaged. The site, purchased in 2020 by Vitera’s parent company Glencore, has a storage capacity of 160,000 tonnes.

extent of damage unknown

As for Bunge, its facilities were “affected during the latest Russian attacks in the area”, a spokesman said, adding that no one was injured by the strike and the exact extent of the damage was not known. is still known.

The terminal, which has been closed since the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, includes a storage site, ship loading and a vegetable oil production unit.

blocked port

The ports of Mykolaiv and Odessa have been blocked since the start of the conflict, which has paralyzed sea transport of agricultural raw materials, until then the main export route to Ukraine.

To date, without concrete results, there have been discussions between Russia and Turkey on the opening of sea corridors that would allow bulk carriers to transmit from Ukraine into the Black Sea, an area made impractical by the presence of mines. According to Ankara, a Turkish merchant ship departed on Wednesday from the Ukrainian port of Mariupol in the Azov Sea, which is now under Russian control.

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