Nippon Ichi Software Announces NIS Classics Volume 3 Anthology

Nippon Ichi Software continues to enhance its legacy through the third compilation of significant titles in its history. Tune: A Musical Adventure And Maid: Ragnarok The two RPGs have been released in 1998 on PlayStation 2 and in 2002 on PlayStation 2 respectively. The first is also which river chain will become dysgia, The second, less memorable, came from the name of With Us Maid: Strategy Once ported to the PSP before it was renamed in Japan.

This reissue will clearly include its share of improvements and new content. the maid would see their program expanded with a new scenario, titled “The Overlord Prayer”, as well as adding new recruits, not to mention improved quality of life, such as the use of cameras in battle. Free management, a faster travel facility or the possibility of a pass cut scene, at his side, Rhapsody Benefit from minimal service with graphics that we’ve been promised better and a CRT filter to enjoy it without burning your retina.

Finally, in its standard physical version, with this compilation a . Will happen art book and the soundtrack of two titles; For the limited edition, available to pre-order for $99.99, it will also include two collector’s items with their support in the two game colors. NiS Classics Volume 3 Expected this summer on Switch and PC.

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