Nintendo Switch rival launches fundraising campaign

Aiya Neo is intended to be a portable PC in the body of the Nintendo Switch. The project is now seeking funding.

Aya Neo made a lot of headlines in February. It also comes with a very close design to the console and PC hybrid, Nintendo Switch. We find the central touch screen and joystick on each side.

A PC & Console Hybrid

In its DNA, the AI ​​Neo is a Windows 10 PC equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor engraved in 7 nm. This APU integrates a Radeon Vega 6 graphics chip, and is supported by 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage.

But it is a game console similar to the Nintendo Switch for its 7-inch touch screen, its two controllers, integrated gyroscopes and the possibility of broadcasting on television.

The 47Wh battery and 65W fast charge eliminates interesting data sheets for this type of PC.

Aya has published a table of performances in which several games can be expected. Thus Red Dead Redemption 2 can run at 30 fps, but for example in a low-definition 720p definition.

A campaign that asks questions

After some introduction, due to a lack of components, Aya decides to postpone the start of her Indiegogo fundraising campaign. The brand believes the conditions are now in place to launch the campaign.

However, we may be surprised when we see that game console, such as the latest generation hardware components, permanently out of stock.

In addition, Aya chose Indiegogo as the platform for her fundraising campaign. A platform that has a less good reputation than Kickstarter, due to lower firm terms imposed on project creators. Many products financed on IndieGogo have been shipped anytime, or too late.

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The project requires 45,633 euros for its financing and has already collected 1,199,447 euros, or 2628% of the objective. The campaign has 27 days left at the time of writing.

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