Nintendo Switch: A cult Wii game preparing for its big return to video

Let’s go back to one of the games that marked the Wii’s release history: Wii Games, You probably already know this, but a Switch version will be available very soon and, although it is very different from its predecessor, it will certainly delight thousands of players upon release.

Switch Sports: All you need to know

Switch Sports will be released on Nintendo Switch on April 29, 2022. The objective is simple: to use the same principle as its big brother on the Wii by offering a variety of physical activities for you to have fun in front of the screen while burning calories. In the six-minute trailer, Big N returns to the gameplay of the six games that will be offered in this Switch version as well as multiplayer and competitive modes. Old games like bowling will return but other new features have also been added:

  • Football
  • bowling
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • Chambar
  • Tennis
  • (Golf will be added in the fall)

It is in Spokeo Square that all the themes will take place and it will be possible to play online multiplayer with up to 4 players, with players from all over the world or locally with your loved ones. The video also features 16 of the world’s playoff bowlers (testing a ZLAN’s future?) Of course, it’s possible to completely customize your avatar to look like you (bye Miis).


Isn’t it too late to release Switch Sports?

As much as the Wii version managed to make an impression since the console was just released and it was innovative to be able to play games in front of your TV, the Nintendo Switch has 5 great years behind it and already has a multitude of offerings. Is the player of the title. Whether it is boxing with fitness boxing, 1-2 switches or the famous ring fit and his belongings, Switch sports a little late And one has to wonder if that would really be able to offer enough novelty.

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Aside from the certain nostalgia it would bring to the millions of players who loved Wii Sport at the time, this Switch version would at least have the ability to bring something new: competitive mode, Like Mario Strikers, it may finally be what fans have been waiting for: a way to challenge each other on a daily basis and beat high scores to outdo your friends and descend the world rankings.

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