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Eshop selects October 2020

One more month has passed since the launch of a few more quality games on SwitchShop in October, including a crazy little game, which was able to score 109 very quickly from this website.

The goal of these awards is to celebrate the best of Nintendo’s digital store, to give some love and attention to games that are easily overlooked in Switch’s growing library.

Let’s get started. Here are the best Switch Shop games of October 2020!

Honorable mention:

While these titles didn’t make it into our top three this month, they are definitely worth checking out.

Pumpkin Jack (Switch Ishop)Pumpkin Jack (Switch Ishop)

Publisher: Top Games / Developer: Nicholas Mysonnier

Release date: 23rd October 2020 (America) / 23rd October 2020 (UK / EU)

In the third place we had a season tu wonder that the nights got warmer as our cocks got colder. Pumpkin JackIts confident platforming and naughty consciousness has won us over and we have highlighted its quick control and mechanical mechanics of combat in our review. As the debut title of developer Nicholas Mysonniar, it’s a particularly impressive treat and the perfect spooky game to enjoy at this time of year


Publisher: Digital plug-in / Developer: Flying oak

Release date: 21st October 2020 (America) / 21st October 2020 (UK / EU)

A roguelite delight from Flying Oak Games, Scorzbrinzer Not very good at praying like choice Dead cell And Hyper light drifter And appear brighter than those classics. We called it “an incredibly fast-paced and addictive roguelite adventure” with excellent performance and spectacular graphical style in our review. This is another addition to the roster of brilliant run-based games at Switch and Team NL has done enough to make it number two on our monthly list.

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Horace (Switch Ishop)Horace (Switch Ishop)

Publisher: 505 games / Developer: Paul Hellman

Release date: 21st October 2020 (America) / 21st October 2020 (UK / EU)

Ever had any doubts? The latest entrant to the sacred ‘NL10’ club Horace, A hesitant narrative-based platform that denies simple taxonomy. The game reaches the pinnacle of heartbreaking nodes and video game history and pays homage to mini-games in past games amidst its tough, world-wrapping platforming and touching story. To follow A brief increase In August, and Heads In September, it’s incredibly Third consecutive month We have provided a 10/10.

Nintendo Life will soften, you think? With the release of all the great video games it probably did a lot more. The world may be in a tough spot right now, but life is beautiful in video games!

Here’s how to make the most of your top three decisions: As we reach the end of each month, Nintendo Life workers vote on the titles of their choice from a list of games selected by the editorial team. To qualify for this list, these games must be published as Digital Nintendo Switch e Shop title in that particular month and must be reviewed on Nintendo Live; We select games based on their review scores.

Employees were then asked to vote for three games they thought were worthy of sitting at the very top of the list; The first choice gets 3 points, the second choice gets 2 points and the third choice gets 1 point. These votes were then extended to make the top three lists, with the overall winner taking the top prize of the month.

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