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koi Tecmo Europe And America Free RPG Demo released today Blue Reflection: Second Light From gust Feather Nintendo switch And Play Station 4. Like the Japanese version, it allows you to discover the prologue of the adventure To Consciousness Who is the first heroine in the game’s dreamland, exploring the basics of gameplay such as crafting, exploration, and combat systems in the process, as well as a scene that accompanies the anime protagonist halfway through the story. blue reflection rayhandjob Hiori Hirahara. By completing the prologue and saving the data, it will be possible for Ao Hoshizaki to obtain a head accessory tailored to a small rabbit and a “preparing for the unknown” piece throughout the game.

In addition, pre-orders have begun for the downloadable version. Standard Edition € 59.99 . Ishandjob Digital Deluxe Edition costs € 74.99 . Is And Ultimate Edition costs €114.99 . Is. The DLCs are listed on the Nintendo website at this address as well as the game’s official website in English. Additionally, Gust and Koei Tecmo recently released Blue Reflection: Second Light and . announced cooperation between Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream From Blue Reflection to offer exclusive outfits available to summer bikini costume owners: Atelier Sophie 2 from Second Light and the Comfy & Casual Outfit. Finally, we have collected some such pictures at the end of the article which are conceptually made. character designer mel kishida. They were unveiled in an interview with the given artist 4gamer.

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As a reminder, Reflection: Second Light was released 21 October last in japan Feather Nintendo Switch And Playstation 4. it will be then November 9 in Europe and the United States on Switch, PS4 and PC. Complete soundtrack, composed by Hayato Asano And toshihiko Watanabe, was marketed at 20 October In physical and download in Japan (more details here).

The game will be released in several versions, including a limited physical edition, Collector’s Edition And this premium box, which is confirmed for Europe. They will be available for all versions of the game, Nintendo Switchhandjob Playstation 4 And pc (Steam Code), exclusively through the official Koei Tecmo Europe store, where pre-orders have begun. collector’s edition cost £137,49, while the premium box is £74,99.

will be included in the premium box a drama cdhandjob A costume representing the Rieslin Stout (rice) d’Ao Hoshizaki. Atelier Riazza forhandjob a clothes poster (B2 format) and Scrapbook similar to a student book. Will be in Special Collection Box, or Collector’s Edition All the contents of the premium box as well as the Everyone’s Memories album artbook, a bath towel representing Ao Hoshizaki, two acrylic character charms and a school bag. In the end, Gust and Koi would propose as Tecmo Early purchase bonus for any edition of Midsummer Bikini Dress until November 3. Cat Ears hairband accessory will be offered by purchase of any physical version. there will also be a digital deluxe edition And a special bonus for the downloadable version.

Note that a US limited edition will also be available, which includes all the contents of the Special Collection box, but without the binder or CD. It is available for pre-order from the official store of NIS Americas for $129.99.

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