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As announced last month, the second major update Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Feather Nintendo switch will be available on 5 august will add more three extra monstersMILF starting with golden ancient dragon kulwe taroth that we will be able to cope thanks to a new cooperative discovery monster riders. He won’t be available as a monsti, but you can get materials to craft new equipment. However, there will be two additional monasteries: glavenous lame-chaos And Hurricane Prince Astalos. Now we have all the details about these monsters, but also on cooperative quests available through the official site with updates and other content. note that Some searches will only be accessible from August 19th. We have listed it below and you can also watch the updated trailer below.

space needed

About 0.5 GB (only this update)

  • – If you just purchased the downloadable version, the total amount of space required (including the base game) increases to approximately 15.5 GB.
  • – Please make sure you have enough free space before downloading the update.

Important additions and changes

new monsters

[5 août]
  • Kulve Taroth (Exclusive Co-op Quest Monster)
  • glavenous lame-chaos
  • Hurricane Prince Astalos

new cooperative search

[5 août]
  • ★ 8 (time) golden goddess
  • ★ 8 (exploration) fire eggs
  • ★ 8 (exploration) electric eggs
[19 août]
  • ★ 9 (Necklace) Glavenous Chaosblade
  • ★ 9 (Loss) Storm Prince Astalos
  • ★ 8 (Tour) Glavanes
  • ★ 8 (Tower) Astalos

new secondary objective

[5 août]
  • ★ Donate 4 (Special) Donuts
[19 août]
  • ★ 8 Burning Dark Knight
  • ★ 8 Lightning Rebellion
  • ★ 8 (special) barrels in danger

Bug Fixes / Others

  • Fixed a bug where a monastic that received a gene that improves the power of one of its elements would only modify its color according to its elemental values ​​on the field.
  • Various bug fixes.

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Kulve Tarothi

« Face Kulve Taroth alongside another rider to get your hands on exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else!

These ancient dragons protect themselves with a layer of shiny metal on their scales, which comes from the weapons of hunters who have fallen while attempting to defeat them.

Note: Although Kulve Taroth is not available as a monsti, you will be able to obtain special materials that you can use to build powerful equipment.

Cop ★ 8: (Time) Golden Goddess

You have to defeat all the monsters in less than 30 minutes. Rewards vary depending on how long it takes you to complete the quest.

Destroy the metal parts to reveal the true form of Kulwe Taroth. Even if she temporarily runs away from the fight, riders who dare to pursue her will find themselves facing the most formidable opponent. The Culve Taroth, which first appeared in Monster Hunter: World, comes to Monster Hunter Stories 2 with its own unique features! “

glavenous lame-chaos

« These unusual glazes burn with internal fires. Their breath can melt rock, and their sharp tail can glide mountains like a knife through butter. When they are angry, they burn everything to ashes.

Friendship Talent: Blast XX »

Hurricane Prince Astalos

« These odd astelos emit sky-blue lightning. Their developed electrification allows them to produce electromagnetic fields that surround their prey, which disappear amidst the fiery blue lightning.

Friendship Talent: Saber Astalos »

As a reminder, The third update will be available from the beginning of September. Three new monasteries will be added: the Mizutsune Purse-Ame, ns alderfrost gammoth And this kirin oroshio. Fourth update, available at the end of September, will add other monasteries: the Hell King Rathalos And this tigrex magma. Culve Taroth will also return in another cooperative quest, this time with great difficulty.. Of course, there will be new, more interesting prizes. Finally, October Update Will Add Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathians as Monsters. there will also be a special mysterious monster that we may face in a very difficult cooperative quest Who will win Unique ingredients to create particularly powerful tools.

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A free demo is available via Steam on the Switch eShop and PC. it allows to detect start of game and it is also possible Save data and then transfer it throughout the game To continue our adventure. we can also get for the whole set A special friendship talisman with data saver from Monster Hunter Rise.

Capcom releases first major update 15 July. This allows one to get Chumsky Of Demon Hunter Growth As a monsti. To spawn it, hatch an egg obtained through the ★ 5 co-op campaign “Chumsky’s Den”.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin has been released as three volumes: The first is just a standard version (costs 6,355 yen to download in Japan and 6,990 yen in physics) which only includes the game, while The second is a deluxe edition with special destroyer armor and a Nargigante-inspired hairstyle for use in the game, Kuan’s cloak costume for Ana, two special costumes for Naviru as well as two sets of stickers representing the protagonist’s companions. Are included..

By pre-ordering the game, we get Ena . Get Kamura Lady Outfit for. Exclusively for the Switch version, three sets of special armor are offered.. amiibo representation anna, ns Chariot Harmful And tsujino, and they’ll unlock daily bonus Ena’s and Tsujino’s Amiibo will cost yen 1,500 in Japan, while the Ratha Destroyer Amiibo will cost yen 1,800.

to end, By having Monster Hunter Rise save data on consoles similar to Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, special Kamura jacket armor will be offered for the protagonist.

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