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In addition toCarbuncle, Annapurna Interactive Another title given in new Indie world Aired on April 14: last StopA third-person narrative adventure game developed by Variable state (The studio’s second game, the first Virginia, another adventure game this time in the first one). Already confirmed PC And Xbox One The game has now been confirmed since its announcement in 2019. Nintendo Switch, But this also Playstation 4, PS5 And Xbox Chain. A development that has lasted for many years, and which will end soon as the release is scheduled for the month July On all media. The following languages ​​will be included: French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Russian.

The last stop will allow us to embody Three different characters And witness their stories, all of which will be Mutually And whose universe will distinguish between a supernatural crisis. Elections have to be made, which will lead to various conversations. The characters in Last Stop are voiced by dozens of actors, with Annapurna Interactive promising a few hours of dialogue by today’s UK’s greatest talent, Lulu simpson In the role of Molly smith And Cassion Akhtar Who is playing Dylan Hugus. Developers appeal to musician again Linden Holland (BAFTA-honored, who previously composed Virginia’s OST for the soundtrack), who partnered with himself Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to play music.

First there will be Donna, A teenager who is a minor in the moonlight who realizes being a prisoner because of a harsh environment and his older sister who protects him a lot. Donna then likes to go out with her friends to explore the adventures of adolescence, Becky And Discretion. But while they were playing smooth, the game turns sour when the trio turns into kidnappers …

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Will happen John, A middle-aged, middle-divorced father. Stressed by debt and especially single paternity, John is secretly jealous of the spontaneity and freedom of life Jack, His twenty-year-old single neighbor. One day, both of these characters find themselves victims of an unknown avenger, and a cursed antiquity threatens to change their lives forever …

Finally we have Meena, A very ambitious professional woman who fights for the same satisfaction in her personal life as she is in her profession. One fine day, as she tries to get a big promotion against a coworker who has just arrived, something old seems to live in the basement of her workplace…

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