Nintendo confirms more updates for Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing fans had high expectations from E3, but nothing was announced for the franchise during the event. After several months of only receiving new seasonal items in the form of updates, one began to wonder if Nintendo hadn’t already given away everything for this game.

Image Credits: Nintendo

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Luckily, in an interview with The Verge this week, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser confirmed that new content is planned for the game:

While we didn’t talk about it during the Nintendo Direct at E3, we have absolutely other plans for the 33 million people who have an island to indulge in some fun new activities. [Traduction libre]

The wording remains relatively imprecise and not too surprising; Nintendo soon announced that it intended to add content to the game for at least two years, and given the game’s popularity, it would be surprising if that changed. On the other hand, the use of the word “activities” suggests that something other than some updated items or clothing would bring to the island’s islands. new Horizons, And so that we can expect to participate in new events or activities in the coming months.

Obviously, no date has been extended by the President, so we have to be patient.

Since the last update, which is from the end of April, provides content for the months of May and June, we can expect to get another one for early July, at least with new seasonal items and more to offer for. August fireworks, which are not yet active for 2021.

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