Nintendo cancels Splatoon 2 NA open livestream, believes “Free Malay” will take part

This weekend, Nintendo held it Splatoon 2 North American Open. Although a livestream was planned for the finals, it was canceled due to “unexpectedly effective challenges”.

There were no more details here, however Something Fans think they might know what’s going on …

A post on Smash Bros. Subredit highlights how several teams at the event put up the hashtag and name #FreeMillie. Last month, the long-running Super Smash Bros. tournament in the US “The Big House” was hit by a strike, a break from Nintendo, and a halt.

As you may have guessed, the problem that Nintendo had with this special event was that it needed an “illegally copied version” of this year’s tournament. Super Smash Bros. Meli And Slippy Online – Rollback allows netcode players to duke online of

This is now reflected in Splatoon’s competitive scene, further illustrated in the following tweets:

How the community didn’t seem “surprised” by the same Twitter user’s statement:

“To be clear, this is Nintendo’s call, not that they’ve listed any TOs or broadcasters for the weekend.

Remember, for now, this is just a guess. Will you make all this yourself though? Leave a comment below and check out our previous post to learn more about the #FreeMail and #SaveSmash movement.

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