Nine new billionaires thanks to anti-Kovid vaccines

The health crisis has not only made people miserable. The non-governmental organization Oxfam actually announced on Thursday that vaccines against coronaviruses have enabled at least nine people to become billionaires. They also include the French CEO of Moderna, Stephen Bansell. NGOs confirm that their cumulative fate may make it possible to vaccinate the poorest countries on the planet.

In a statement, Oxfam believes these new fortunes have emerged “thanks to the huge profits from pharmaceutical groups that have a monopoly on the production of vaccines against Kovid”. A world summit on the health of the G20 is held in Rome on this Friday.

Published by the “People’s Vaccine Alliance”, these figures are based on the ranking of the American magazine Forbes. Oxfam is part of this alliance that brings together organizations and personalities who demand free vaccines against Kovid-19 all over the world.

“Vaccine the entire Indian population”

The cumulative fortune of the nine billionaires quoted is estimated at $ 19.3 billion. All this money would “make it possible to vaccinate 1.3 times in all low-income countries”, which “received only 0.2% of the vaccines produced in the world, particularly due to the large scarcity of available doses.” Oxfam reports.

The CEO of Moderna, Stephen Bansell ($ 4.3 billion) and Bioentech CEO and co-founder, Ugur Sahin (4 billion) are the first two who stand out.

The statement said eight other billionaires with a “large portfolio of stocks” in pharmaceutical companies have experienced a cumulative increase in their wealth of $ 32.2 billion, “enough to vaccinate the entire Indian population.”

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Sandra Lotte-Fernandes of Oxfam France said, “These vaccines were financed with public money and above all should be a global public good.” This press release later called for “immediate abolition of these monopolies”.

Patents for anti-cavid vaccines removed

On Wednesday, the European Commission assured that the European Union would be “constructive” at the World Trade Organization to assess the lifting of the patent for vaccines against coronaviruses desired by the United States. But first, it would propose measures that would allow for a rapid increase in production.

African, European and other continents as well as international organizations, at a summit on African economies held in Paris on Tuesday, requested the lifting of patents on Kovid-19 vaccines, to allow their production in Africa.

But “key members of the G20, including the United Kingdom and Germany, continue to block initiatives to remove intellectual property-related barriers on vaccines”, condemning Oxfam, which also points towards France’s “ambiguous position” on the subject Indicates.

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