Niger expels eight former dignitaries of the Rwandan Hutu regime responsible for the 1994 genocide

#other countries : Niger will expel eight Rwandans “for diplomatic reasons”, former dignitaries of the Hutu regime responsible for the Tutsi genocide in 1994, recently obtained under a deal with the United Nations, consultations on Wednesday According to a ministerial decree made.

Of these eight Rwandans, four were acquitted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and the other four had served the sentence for which this UN tribunal had sentenced them.

,People whose names are followed are definitively expelled from the territory of Niger with a permanent residence ban for diplomatic reasons.,, specifies the decree signed by Hamadou Amadou Souli, Nigerian Minister of Internal Affairs.

Eight names follow, including four Rwandans who have served a sentence handed down by the ICTR: Alphonse Ntezirayo, former Prefect of Butare (South), Anatole Nsengiyumwa, former chief of military intelligence, Lieutenant-Colonel Tharsisse Mvuni. and Captain Innocent Sehgahutu.

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The four others, acquitted by the ICTR, are Proteus Jigiranirazo, known as “Mr. Z”, brother of former First Lady Agathe Habyarimana, considered a figurehead of the Hutu regime, Fran├žois-Xavier Nuvonemi, a Former commander of the elite unit of the Rwandan army, former transport minister Andre Nategarura and former public service minister Prosper Mugiraneza.

,Interested parties shall be given formal notice to leave the territory of the Republic of Niger within seven days from the date of notification of this Decree.,, according to the text which does not indicate the point of their future downfall.

The authenticity of the decree, published by the Nigerian newspaper Air Info, was confirmed to AFP by Nigeria’s interior minister, who did not elaborate on the reasons for the expulsion.

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,Cause you saw it on paper,, he only indicated.

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,Niger’s decision is indeed welcome as these people are responsible and found guilty of planning and perpetrating the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.,The executive secretary of Ibuka, the main Rwandan union of genocide survivors, reacted to AFP Naftali Ahishakiye.

,Now that they have been deported, they must return to Rwanda because the crimes were committed on Rwandan soil. that’s what we ask,, He continued.

On 15 November, Niger signed an agreement with the United Nations to welcome nine Rwandan personalities, eight affected by the order, and Jerome Clement Bikmampaka, former foreign minister in 1994, was also acquitted by the ICTR.

According to the weekly Jean Afrique, the discontent in Kigali is at the core of this face of the Nigerian authorities.

Between April and July 1994, according to the United Nations, about 800,000 people were killed in the genocide, most of whom were the Tutsi minority.

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