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Mr Johnson came in contact with the coronavirus during a meeting with Tory MPs last week, where Ashfield MP Lee Anderson later contracted the virus. The reform UK leader then decided to isolate the prime minister in an interview. It comes as the Brexit talks have reached their deadline, with the UK leaving the EU on 31 December.

Mr Faraj, who appeared at Fox Business, was interviewed about the PM’s latest coronavirus threat and described it as a “complete and utter nonsense”.

“You know, not very easy? All he has to do is pop up on Downing Street number ten, have a nasal swab exam and he can confirm it within 20 minutes.

“And yet he is going to isolate himself for 14 days. We will not see him outside the PM’s house until November 26.

“And he’s telling us that we all have to follow the rules. It’s a complete and utter nonsense.”

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Nigel Farage News: Reformist UK Politician Boris Johnson Blame for Self-Detachment (Image: PA / Twitter)

Nigel Farage News: Nigel Farage in the Fox business

Nigel Farage News: Former UNIP MEP urges Boris to show ‘leadership’ in Brescit talks as they approach the end of their leadership (Image: Fox Business)

Reform UK politicians then went on to decree a period of self-separation because it coincided with a period of rapid progress for the Brexit talks and a poor economic situation.

Mr Farage added: “And this is happening at a time of the worst economic crisis in British peacetime history and when we have reached the final stage of our Brexit talks.

“So all we need is leadership, not isolation.”

Mr Faraj recently transformed his Brexit party into an anti-lockdown reform UK, and has repeatedly challenged the government’s position on anti-cornvirus measures.

Nigel Farage News: Boris Johnson is leaving Downing Street

Nigel Farage News: The Prime Minister caught the coronavirus in March (Image: PA)

He announced his resignation on Twitter yesterday after coming in contact with Prime Minister Anderson.

In a video posted on Twitter, he said: “The good news is that the NHS tests and traces are working more efficiently, the bad news is that they pinned me down and I’m disconnected because I was someone who made Covid a few days ago. Done.

“It doesn’t matter that we were all working social distance, it doesn’t matter that I’m fit as a butcher’s dog, I feel great – a lot of people in my situation do that – and I don’t really care. ‘ I am fattening antibodies.

“We’ve been able to stem the spread of the disease and now one of the ways we can do that is to self-isolate for 14 days when you are contacted by NHS tests and traces.”

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Mr Johnson had earlier announced that he had caught coronavirus on March 27.

He was later admitted to St. Thomas Hospital in London, where his condition deteriorated before returning to Downing Street on April 27.

Scientists warn that catching a coronavirus does not give you immunity, as the antibodies produced by the infection last only five to seven months.

The medical journal Immunity also reported in October that while COVID-19 had only 10 records of re-synthesis after seizures, studies on re-infection due to viral mutations were limited and incomplete.

Nigel Farage News: November 1 worldwide coronavirus case

Nigel Farage News: A total of 1,294,295 cases and 52,239 deaths in the UK (Image: Express)

It comes after the UK recorded another 21,363 cases of the virus yesterday.

The National Statistics Office also reported 213 more deaths from the virus.

There have been 1,394,295 cases and 52,239 deaths from COVID-19 in the UK since January 2011.

The UK is on the 12th day of its National Lockdown Restrictions, which came into force on 5 November and expires on 2 December.

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