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Nier Automata is a great game released in the year 2017 which was no less. Unfortunately, the party went a little worse with a PC version that we could marginally qualify as “pee”, and which turned extremely badly, despite its early-generation PS3 game head. (We had to wait for the entire previous generation of GPUs to finally be able to expect to reach a steady 60 FPS in 4k). In order to play Point Home, Square Enix and PlatinumGames have never found it necessary to clean up their junk, and this PC version has never received a patch, requiring players to have a mod hoping to save furniture. Have to turn.

However, like a Christmas miracle over the summer, Square will finally make up its mind to release a patch for its game, more than four years after release, which should be an all-time high. Scheduled to come tomorrow, it will add some options to accommodateambient obstruction, global illumination And thisAnti aliasing (unnecessarily heavy effects in the original version of the game), interface elements improved to no longer sway in higher resolutions, cut scene Retyped to be less messy and jerky, HDR support… That said, it all sounds tempting, but we’ll still wait to partially judge before there’s too much.

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