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The Scottish Tory MSP grilled for the first time caring residents for the inability to travel to vaccination centers to get their covid anti-job – Nicola Sturgeon acknowledged that something like that could be organized. The Pfizer vaccine, approved by UK regulators this week, must be stored at -70C, but most care homes will have no facility to meet this requirement.

Ruth Davidson raped: “The way the vaccine has been stored and transported means it will be extremely difficult to bring it to a separate care home – a matter recognized by the health secretary and the prime minister just moments ago.

“However, the head of Scottish Care warns that many caregivers are too weak or too weak to move vaccines to hubs.

“The residents of the care home and their families have been severely affected by this epidemic and the promised vaccination is now another blow to the possibility of delay.

“So what was planned now for Scottish care home residents who were promised to be in the forefront of getting this vaccine?”

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The SNP leader replied: “I think it is really important to understand the issues here and I have heard the Prime Minister talk about exactly what he is going to talk about.

“It’s not something that’s unique to Scotland. It’s about the special features of the Pfizer / Biotech vaccine.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“It’s something for four nations.”

He added: “We will use the vaccines as soon as possible in line with the priority order.

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“If for the first time it is very difficult to get vaccines for home care, we will definitely use these supplies for staff working in the NHS and care homes.”

He further announced that under the new regulations of the Scottish Government all evictions would be banned until the end of January.

The passage of the law at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic means that the eviction notice issued due to Covid-19 could not be enforced during the epidemic.

However, there was no such impediment to the implementation of notifications issued before the epidemic.

Ms Stargen said the Scottish government would propose new rules to complete the implementation of the notices between 11 December and 22 January.

The first minister said cases of social or criminal conduct and domestic abuse would be exempt from the rules.

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