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01/03/2021 edition

Jean-Marc Murley, Director of Viaxel: “Rent on the model of telephony, is a major consumer trend that is using you”

Despite declining vehicle registrations (-25%) and used vehicles (-4%), Viaxel has recorded an increase in production in 2020 and announced the resumption of entries in the portfolio since February. Overview of recent Viaxel news with its director, Jean-Marc Murley.


Robert Veit is the new managing director of Mercedes-Benz van in Britain

Robert Veit took over as CEO of the Mercedes-Benz van in Britain on 1 May 2021, followed by Steve Bridges.

The movements

Bernard Group owns 100% of the Mercedes business of the Tenader Group

Scheduled for 2020, the 100% acquisition of the Mercedes division of the Tenador Group by the Bernard Group is finally complete. The entire business weighs 95 million euros.


FNA calls for testimony of garage owners on their difficulties in accessing technical data

According to Clio 5, Golf 8, Class E, Fiat 500… FNA there is no shortage of models presenting difficulties resetting the maintenance indicator after a simple oil change. To make a convincing argument, the MRA Federation calls upon the testimonials of garage owners.


Home, public road… where are the electric recharges?

89% of owners of electric vehicles in single-family homes charge primarily at home. On the other hand, they are still only 54% in the building, and this accounts for 57% of them, using an extension from their apartment, according to a survey conducted by Ndys.

Around the car

Volkswagen cuts profits but maintains dividends and R&D

Despite the Volkswagen Group’s significant decline in production and sales volumes in 2020, it not only allows its shareholders to pay the same dividend for fiscal year 2019, but also allows its R&D spending to be around 14 billion euros. gives. . The importance of this envelope and a clear desire to maintain it at the same level over the next 5 years, contrast – and worryingly – with the French credo of recent months that we want us to be more efficient carmakers. Reduce our R & D / CA ratio.


Truck: Nicola sees her former boss exaggerating the group’s progress

(AFP) – Some statements by the former boss of electric and hydrogen truck designer Nicola over the group’s progress were “inaccurate”, accepting a report sought by the company, which, however, rejects the idea that the group is “a giant fraud” .


Class movement

Robert Veit is the new managing director of Mercedes-Benz van in Britain

Robert Veit took over as CEO of the Mercedes-Benz van in Britain on 1 May 2021, followed by Steve Bridges.


91-year-old Osamu Suzuki stepped down as president of Suzuki Motor Corporation

At the Suzuki Motor Corporation board meeting on February 24, its 91-year-old chairman Osamu Suzuki announced that he was stepping down to retire.


David S., the new chairman of Allison Transmission’s board of directors. Graziosi

At the end of the General Assembly to be held in 2021, David s. Graziosi Lawrence E. Dewey will succeed Allison Transmission Holding as chairman of the board of directors.


Oliver Hoffman, new member of Oliver AG’s management board

As of 1 March 2021, Oliver Hoffman becomes a member of the management committee responsible for technical development at Audi AG.


Gino Feru has been appointed as CEO of EMEAR in its technologies here

Gino Feru joined the technologies here as managing director of the EMEAR region, Fred Hesaby was a success.


Christian Levine succeeds Heinrich Henrikson at Scania’s head

Christian Levine was appointed President and CEO of Scania on May 1, 2021, succeeding Heinrich Heinrichson.


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