Niall Horan fears for art field

Juliette Binoche was surprised to learn that she was not on the nominees list for Kaiser. The star shared a video on her social network in which she mentioned the fact that she was not nominated in any category for her role in the film ‘The Good Wife’.

“Darpan, my beautiful mirror …” he declares with humor. “Why am I not in Caesar? Hmm … how strange, strange … Caesar, Caesar!”

The actress is sure that she deserves a nomination and also believes in “tricks at senior management level”.

“The Good Wife”, however, featured in the Best Supporting Actress categories for Noemi Lavowski and Yolande Morrow, while Edoard Bayer was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category.

And Juliette Binoche was not the only film professional to appreciate this famous list.

Indeed, the director of “La Daron”, Jean-Paul Salomé, shared his disappointment at the non-appointment of Isabel Huppert, without whom, according to him, the scenario could not exist.

“Erase History” director Gustav de Kervain also expressed his disappointment, declaring: “Apparently we’re nominated for” Best Screenplay “. In fact, we don’t really have Caesar faces.”

The list of candidates is as follows:

Cicer Award for Best Film

The things we say, the things we do

Antoinette in Cévennes

Goodbye idiot


Summer 85

Cesar Award for Best Actress –

Laurence Calamy in Antennas in Sewaness

Camellia jordana the things we do, the things we do

Adieu les cons in virginie efira

Martine Chevalier in Dex

Barbara Sukova in two

Cesar for Best Actor

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Lambert Wilson in de Gaulle

Sami Buzila in a son

The things we say in Niels Schneider, the things we do

Jonathan Cohen in giant

Albert Dupontel in Adieu les cons

Cesar Award for Best Director –

The things we say for the things Emmanuel Murat do

Albert Dupontel for Adieu les cons

François Ozone for Summer 85

Ma DNAwenn for DNA

Sebastian Lifeshitz for Teenagers

Cesar Award for Best Screenplay –

The things we say for the things Emmanuel Murat do

Carolyn Wignall to Antoinette in Cévennes

Albert Dupontel for Adieu les cons

Benoit Delpine and Gustav Cavern to erase history

Philippo Mangetti and Malison Bovorsamy Two

Cesar Award for Best Adaptation –

Olivier assay for Cuban network

Hanilor Carey and Jean-Paul Salomé for La Darone

François Ozone for Summer 85

Stephen Demovier for Girl with Bracelet

Eric Barbier for Small Country

Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress –

Fannie Ardant in DNA

Valeria Bruni-Tedeski in Summer 85

In Emilie Dequenne things we say, things we do

Nomi Lavowski in The Good Wife

Yolande Morrow in The Good Wife

Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actor –

Vincent Macaigne In the things we say, the things we do

Edward Bear in The Good Wife

Louis Garrel in DNA

Benjamin Louvre Antennet in the Sevenes

Nicolas Marie in Adieu les cons

Cesar Award for Most Promising Actress

Mélissa Guers In Girl With Bracelet

India hair in Poissonxi

Julia Piotan the things we say, the things we do

Camille Rutherford in Felicity

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Fatiha Yusuf in Mignon

Cesar Award for Most Promising Actor

Felix Lefèvre in Summer 85

Benjamin Voisin in Summer 85

Comes at night

Alexandre Weather in Miss.

Jean-Pascal Zadi Bus in Black

Cesar Award for Best Debut –

Just Black by Jean-Pascal Zaidi and John Wax

Two by Filippo Mangetti

Ragas boy by nicholas maurya

Lovely maouna doucor

A sofa in Tunis by Manele Labadi

Cesar Award for Best Foreign Film

Eve and August by Jonas Trueba

Dark Waters de Todd Haynes

Dialogue by Jan Komasa

By Sam Mendes in 1917

Drunk by thomas winterberg

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