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It’s been two years since Lara Croft’s latest video game was released – developer Eid Dos-Montreal’s Tomb Raider’s deadly trilogy Keeper Shadow – and finally, Square Enix is ​​reloading next year’s Tomb Raider in the form of Lara’s long-overdue return. You may be willing to meet your expectations immediately, but given that it is a free-to-play mobile game.

Square shared the news of its Tomb Raider Reloaded announcement On Twitter, However, little information was offered on the way to additional information about its new “Action Arcade” project, excluding the work of developer Emerald City Games (recent free-to-play effort GI Joe: The Battle of Cobar) and Square’s work. .

Absolutely desperate for additional details, however, with the announcement comes the option to sever the 40-second long teaser trailer, which provides a dramatic slow-mo pan across some deadly posed enemies – including a wolf, rock monster, giant spider, and T. Rex – The guns flash before Lara settles herself.

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Tomb Raider reloaded the teaser trailer.

Unfortunately it doesn’t shed much light on Lara’s new adventure from a gameplay perspective, but we do get a good look at her chosen art style – which I’m going to describe as a “potential divider” and leave it at that.

The following year, of course, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Tomb Rider series – Lara’s debut, developed by British studio Core Design, was released back in 199 – so I hope so Today’s Tomb Raider Reloaded news is just the beginning of Square Enix’s birthday celebrations for one of the most iconic characters in video gaming. Fingers crossed.

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