Newcastle United – Statement of the Club

Newcastle United issued the following club statement on Thursday 2020:

“The club has not previously commented on the ongoing arbitration against the Premier League (‘EPL’) over the proposed takeover because of the confidentiality clause in the EPL rules.

“However, the club is aware of the public report which states that, on 17 November, the EPL mentioned in a letter to Newcastle supporters of legal action with the club (as in social media posts referring to” the club’s own legal case “).

“The source of some of the reports is called the EPL. So, it appears that the EPL has leaked the contents of their letter to some people who have commented in the public domain.

“The club understands that this will be a matter of great concern to its fans and so it considers that, in light of the information released by the EPL, it has no option but to respond and update its fans in response to this coverage.

“The club does not comment on the substance of the arbitration, but it can confirm that it has conducted arbitration proceedings against the EPL.

“It is not clear when these processes will be resolved in the light of the views of the EPL and its lawyers, Bird & Bird. Nevertheless, the club will continue to make every effort to press for a fair, full and timely hearing of its claims.”

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