New Zealand has recorded 25 cove cases in the arrival of foreign fishing crews World news

New Zealand has recorded 25 new cases of coronavirus since the initial outbreaks in March and April, according to the country’s largest daily toll.

There were two local incidents and the rest were discovered at the border, there were 18 transmissions between Russian and Ukrainian fishing crews who arrived on a charter flight from Moscow a few days ago.

The case of the two new communities, published on Wednesday, is the contact of a port worker whose case was published on Sunday. This was the first instance of community transmission in New Zealand since 25 September.

Wednesday’s figures put pressure on border management systems to control the virus in a country where daily life has largely returned to normal.

Ashley Bloomfield, director general of the Department of Health, said: “Looking at our cases today, Spain announced about 47,000 new cases yesterday, and in New Zealand it would be equivalent to about 4,000 new cases. [by population size].

“We are not complacent at the border and everyone in New Zealand should make sure they are not complacent in the community.”

A total of 235 fishing crews arrived from Moscow on a Seafood-chartered flight, New Zealand health officials said, adding that they were aboard the plane with a lever in Singapore. It was the first of two scheduled flights by fishing workers from Russia to New Zealand – the fourth-highest number of cases in the world in the Covid-19 case.

In contrast, New Zealand has a record of one of the lowest deaths in the world – 25 deaths – and less than 2,000 confirmed cases of the virus have occurred. Its success has been attributed to one of the world’s harshest lockdowns in March and April. Since then, all domestic restrictions have been lifted.

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Border controls now stand between isolated South Pacific island countries and epidemics. Only New Zealanders and their families are allowed to enter the country and must spend two weeks in isolation, during which time they are tested twice for the virus.

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The concessions allow essential workers to cross the border – among them Russian and Ukrainian fishing crews ws New Zealand’s top health official said on Monday that workers should have been isolated for 14 days before leaving Moscow and tested before they left. The crew is staying in different places at the Sudima Hotel in Christchurch.

The two were barred from boarding the flight after a positive test, Bloomfield said. Other infections were taken during an additional office examination in Christchurch, New Zealand, where they were under government management.

“The fact that we’ve found these infections is a work of the system,” Bloomfield said.

Bloomfield added that the crew were only at the hotel where they were separated. When travelers arrive, people working at the airport and the bus they are driving will be tested for the virus.

Michael Baker, an epidemiologist at the University of Otago, said additional restrictions should be placed on arrivals in countries with high numbers of Kovid-19. Russia has recorded 1.4 million cases and 25,000 deaths.

“If we find in those source countries that they are not consistently performing well, then we cannot accept travelers from those countries,” he said.

There are 56 active cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, of which 53 are in government isolated facilities.

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