New York fairy tales will be edited for Radio 1 broadcasts to avoid objections from younger listeners. Arts and Arts News

The New York edited version of the classic Christmas story will be played on BBC Radio this year to avoid offending young listeners.

The festival hit The Poggs and Christy McCall is a seasonal major, but has been at the center of controversy over its lyrics in recent years.

Derogatory terms for gender and sexuality are used in popular songs, and the PA news agency reported that BBC officials were understood to be concerned about how young listeners would react.

Kristy McCall performing with The Pogs in 1988

A modified version of the track that will be played on the radio this year will feature various songs sung by McCall, but the original will still be played on Radio 2, which usually has an older audience.

The station says it will observe the audience’s point of view.

Meanwhile, Radio 6 Music will have both vacations in its library so that presenters and / or producers can choose between them wisely.

The BBC said: “We know the song is considered a Christmas classic and we will continue to do so this year. Our radio stations have chosen the most relevant song version for their listeners.”

But the decision has drawn criticism on social media, with the corporation on fire from both celebrity and political commentators.

Actor Lawrence FoxThose recently Launched his own political party In order to “fight the war of culture”, the BBC accused the listeners in a post on Twitter of choosing between what is appropriate and what is not.

The Guardian columnist Owen Jones tweeted that as a gay man he was not “upset” about the use of the word “f *****” on the track, adding: “It’s an epic song.”

Gavin and Stacey's Ruth Jones defends her character by singing last year's Christmas pick: Matthew Harwood / Getty Images
Gavin and Stacey’s Ruth Jones defended her character by singing the song at last year’s Christmas

Last year, the BBC defended Gavin & Stacey playing the uninitiated version in the 1986 Christmas special, starring Nessa Jenkins and Uncle Brin.

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The show’s co-producer Ruth Jones, who played Nessa, also saved the melody using the song.

He said writers “must be true to character” who may have “political precision”.

Jones, however, acknowledged that “this is a different climate.”

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