New US-UK Open Skies Agreement Protected

The DOT (US State Transport Department) confirmed that on March 26, the “open skies” treaty entered into force between the two geographic regions.

Although the air transport crisis has not yet made it possible to restore international relations between different regions of the world, new structures are still being implemented for air links after Kovid. The DOT (US Department of Transportation) has just announced that the new “open skies” agreement governing relations between the United States and the United Kingdom has now come into force.

More than one year of finalization

On November 28, 2018, an agreement was reached to secure transatlantic air relations in the post-Brexit context (previously, the United Kingdom was included in the agreement governing air relations between the European Union and the United States. November) It was signed, in 2020. A theoretical application was initially scheduled from 1 January 2021, by the United Kingdom and the US.

An agreement for cargo

But Kovid-19 continues to seriously hamper the general revival of air connectivity between the United Kingdom and the United States. Nevertheless, the outline is now. “The agreement meets all the criteria of the US ‘open skies’ policy and offers the possibility of additional traffic rights for all cargo operations to and from the UK. The agreement also covers British territories in the United Kingdom. Foreign and All Crown’s territorial dependencies.

American Airlines and British Airways have shown the way

This entry into force is very important as it opens the way for the gradual resumption of air relations between the United Kingdom and the United States, which are the most contributing international air linkages in the world aviation sector. In November 2018, the British government specified that trade relations between the United Kingdom and the United States amount to £ 50 billion (or 58.5 billion euros) annually. In November 2020, American Airlines and British Airways, both members of the Oworld Coalition, launched a campaign of tests proving that it is possible to relaunch transatlantic air links in strict compliance with health measures.

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