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New US sanctions against companies in China

The US government has blacklisted several companies in China accused of suppressing the Uighur Muslim minority, reports According to Washington’s assessment, 14 companies based in China supported human rights violations against Uighurs in Xinjiang and other minorities, the US Commerce Department announced yesterday.

A total of 34 companies were placed on the list because, according to the US government, they are involved in activities that are against US foreign policy and national security interests. This would also include companies that engage in unauthorized trade with Iran and Russia or support the Chinese military.

Companies on this list are not allowed to do business with US companies without a special permit. “The Ministry of Commerce is determined to take strong and resolute measures to target companies that enable human rights abuses in Xinjiang (…),” said Commerce Minister Gina Raimondo. The US has already put companies on the list it believes will lead to human rights violations in Xinjiang.

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