New trailer for DNF Duel: Ranger

recently, Arch System Works Has released several trailers featuring fighters who appeared in the film. DNF DuelNew animated graphic fighting game, ready to land peace I pc During 2022, as was the case Grappler And this strikerToday we are in possession of a new videos Feather ranger gunslinger,

The ranger in question is undoubtedly an outlaw, who produces two revolversrequired for firing powerful combination But, at the same time, with an extreme Elegance I purification, The combo, thanks to the range of two pistols, would be able to attack medium short rangeTo keep enemies off balance.

, already exists in Dungeon Fighter OnlineWe’ll just have to wait and see what the next step will be. passive skills That Ranger would bring to the DNF duel. Interestingly, from the video in question, one of the Ranger’s movements appears to be inspired by the film’s character attack. Dante from the story Devil May Cry,

Unfortunately, there is currently no estimated launch date or window for DNF Duel. Currently, we don’t even have confirmation that the game will be released on all platforms. However, it is likely that a clear date and information will be communicated at the next EU press conference. The Game Awards 2021Which will happen this Thursday, 9 December,

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