New technologies: Morocco, the 5th world destination for R&D

Morocco attracts international investors from the United States, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan and even India.

Morocco ranks after California, the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland as a major destination for research and development in new technologies. it is fact. A rank that is owed to the Kingdom due to its dynamism and its prowess in the field of information technology.

There are numbers to back it up. 120,000 people are employed in this sector. The importance of the Kingdom’s strategic position and its wealth in terms of skills and youth energy in the area of ​​digitization, as well as its position among the top three players in the field of outsourcing in Africa, make it a privileged destination for investment. Farm.

In fact, apart from Morocco’s investment, which attracts large numbers, the field of digitization attracts investment from several countries. And not just anyone. Countries affected by Morocco’s potential in the region include the United States, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan and India. A dynamic on which the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reforms intends to capitalize on to further develop the sector. Thus, in coordination with all partners, the Department of Gita Mezour proceeds at a steady pace to the conclusion of potential partnerships to promote investment in Morocco. Significant efforts have been made at the international level in this regard. It is in this context that the recent visit of the Minister to India, which is a leading country and the world’s first destination in the field of rehabilitation services, falls within this framework. During this visit, in coordination with the relevant partners, an MoU was signed with an Indian company to undertake an investment project in Morocco.

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Investments aimed at creating thousands of high value-added jobs in the areas of coding, software and IT services. The MoU marks the establishment of an Indian outsourcing giant in Morocco, which operates in fifty countries and employs over 200,000 people worldwide with a turnover of over $11 billion in 2022. During the same period, the trip to our country did not go unnoticed in the Kingdom of Safra Catz, president and general manager of the American company “Oracle”. The Oracle CEO was also received by the head of government, a sign of the importance that executive attaches to the sector, which generates high value-added jobs. The visit was also the occasion for the opening of “Oracle Lab”, the first R&D laboratory in Africa out of its six centers in the world. Several MoUs have also been signed between the government and four international companies in recent weeks. The latter are committed to investing in the services relocation sector, with the key to the creation of more than 5,000 direct and permanent jobs, particularly in Tangier, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca and Agadir. Similarly, a few days back, two agreements were signed for the construction of a programming and coding school and a start-up incubation center in the region of L’Oriental with the aim of contributing to skill training with existing institutions including the famous 1337 . The coding school promoted by OCP, which is also the quintessential first computer training institute in Morocco, is completely free, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and accessible to everyone without a diploma or computer knowledge,

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It should be recalled that, in the field of research and development, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) of Bengueir, in February last year, inaugurated its new data center, which houses the most powerful supercomputer in Africa (African Supercomputing Centre). With this data centre, ensuring a world-class facility, high security, maximum availability, high flexibility and optimum connectivity, the national digital ecosystem is gaining importance and the Kingdom’s digital sovereignty is assured even more. It also makes it possible to develop new 100% Moroccan digital services. This data center will increase the capacity of scientific experimentation, and thus allow greater control of the massive amount of data collected. Similarly, with the African Supercomputing Centre, which has a capacity of 3 billion operations per second, the horizons of scientific research and innovation are broadening for Morocco. This supercomputer 98. capturesI Ranked the most powerful supercomputer in the world and 26th to Morocco. extends toI Ranks first in the world and in Africa in terms of computing power.

a developed legal framework

Morocco is working to complete the legal framework for digital trust of users and digital sovereignty of the Kingdom, in addition to its participation in several international conferences in this area. The question of digital sovereignty has really become relevant in recent years, especially with the great development of the digital sector and its daily use in many transactions. It should be remembered in the sense that a number of laws have been promulgated, including the Law on Cyber ​​Security and its Implementation Decree, a text specifically aimed at protecting information and infrastructure of critical importance, and outside access to sensitive data. Hosting and storage have to stop. To specify national territory, as well as technical and regulatory terms and regulations, with a view to securing the information systems of organizations and public establishments related to cybernetic risks. The Directorate General of Information Systems Security, through the Center for Vigilance, Monitoring and Response to Computer Attacks, monitors, detects and responds to computer attacks affecting the security of situational information systems, and responds to these incidents. Coordinates response through issuance of alerts and warnings and incident management.

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