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A shop full of buttons, pins, patches, shirts, merchandise, posters, a hundred movable boxes with a three-euro LP and a weekly selection of 25,000 books recently purchased, that’s what you ‘de clene vorac boac and plot Can expect from ‘. From May 1, the shop can be seen at Klein Overstraat 3 in Deventer.

Wilco de Bruin and Everaldo Pechler are friends of football from nearly 40 years ago and together they came up with ideas for a new store. The boys all traveled daily to the KISS shop in Appeldorn, or, every week to browse through the various merchandise. “Every Saturday, Everaldo and I went to the KISS shop early after our football match, so that we could quickly find new buttons for our denim jackets, because there was always room,” Wilko says. “We always gave up on coke and chips after the game, so that we had some guilders left to show our favorite bands to the world and then of course go home to quickly turn on record players.”

Both are busy with music from a young age and it has not stopped when they grow up. Wilco de Bruin’s record store is of Variaworld, which can be found a little more on Klein Overstraat in Deventer. Thousands of records and CDs are sold in this family business, where he was voted the Best Record Store of Benelux in 2017. Music lovers organize record fairs throughout the Netherlands.

Everaldo Pickler has also been involved with music throughout his career: After working outdoors for many years in the United Kingdom as a freelance music professional, he has also been active in the booking department of Paradiso in the Netherlands.

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Very curious about two friends shops? By appointment, visit VariaWorld 8-12 at Clarins Overstraat and from May 1 visit Klein Overstraat 3. at Klein Varia Boke & Plot or visit the WariaWorld site:

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