New record of infection in Gb, France and New York – World

New complete record of infection from Kovid in United Kingdom Since the start of the pandemic: they have almost been registered 120 thousand cases in last 24 hours (119,789), with 147 deaths.

State still records new Covid cases New York. 38,835 were recorded in the last 24 hours. Hospitalizations increased to 82 units and deaths were 63.

France recorded more than 90 thousand covid infections in 24 hours, an all-time record since the start of the pandemic. The bill that aims to turn the French health pass into a ‘vaccination pass’, a type of transalpine equivalent to the Super Green pass, will be examined in commission in the National Assembly next Wednesday and should come into force on 15 January: this is France Reported by the press which scrutinized the draft law. The bill will be examined in the National Assembly in commission on Wednesday and Health Minister Olivier Veran will be questioned the same day, following a planned go-ahead at the extraordinary Council of Ministers scheduled for Monday in Paris. Facing the fifth wave of the representative coronavirus and the arrival of the Omicron version, the current administration of President Emmanuel Macron announced on 17 December the change of health passes to ‘vaccination passes’. In practice, it is a sort of ‘French’ Super Green Pass inspired by the one already introduced in Italy. The implementation was expected to begin by the end of January, but given the urgency of the situation, with the strong progress of the Omicron version, it is targeting adoption earlier, according to the latest information from January 15. Given the hostility of entrepreneurs and social partners, the project does not currently include liability for employees, which is already happening in Italy.

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Great wave for Lauterbach in January in Germany – “There is not a big, strong wave of COVID in Germany yet. But that will change at the start of the new year and in the first weeks of January”. This was stated by the German Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach, while speaking to the broadcaster WDR2, in the wake of the progressive spread, also in the Federal Republic, of the Omicron edition. The minister said he would spend the Christmas holidays with his family, “a group of no less than 5. I would celebrate in a very intimate way, and this advice to all Germans”, he said.

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