New Punishment for Bouteflika Era’s Ex-Casik

Two former prime ministers of late former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Selal, who are already in prison, were sentenced on Monday to new prison sentences on corruption charges, local media reported. The trial, along with other co-accused, specifically dealt with “money laundering”, “waste of funds”, “abuse of office” and “conclusion of contracts in breach of public procurement rules”, Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Selal, six respectively. He was sentenced to five years in prison, and according to private TV Enahar, Ichorouq and Al-Hayat. He was being tried in the so-called “Hamid Melzi” case, the former owner of a public establishment that managed a luxurious residence reserved for dignitaries of power and a public hotel company that was given to him for five years. Jail. Hamid Melzi has been charged with another count of “economic espionage” and an “attack on the national economy”. Ahmed Ouyahiya was prime minister four times between 1995 and 2019, and Abdelmalek Selal led the government from 2014 to 2017 as well as the four election campaigns of Bouteflika, who was ousted from power in 2019 and died on 17 September. Went. The two former prime ministers have already been convicted in several corruption cases and are to appear before others. His heaviest sentences were confirmed on appeal last January: 15 years in prison for Ahmed Ouyahia and 12 years in prison for Abdelmalek Selal. Following the fall of Bouteflica under pressure from Hirak and the army’s demonstrations, the justices began a series of inquiries into the affairs of Seraglio’s men, the former head of state. Several former senior politicians as well as powerful businessmen have been blamed, especially for acts of corruption. Algeria was ranked 104th out of 180 countries in the world ranking of the Corruption Perceptions Index published in January by the NGO Transparency International. Is.

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