New prayer book stuck to customs

For this year’s Passover festival it will be a majestic prosperity for Jewish communities in Germany, but the delivery of one, which is now appearing in German and Hebrew for the first time Coran sax sidur was delayed.

Customs are to blame: Several hundred copies of the book intended for the Jewish community in Germany have been stuck there for weeks. It was announced by the Orthodox Rabbinical Conference Germany (ORD).

German translation The German-language Lobel version of approximately 1,300 pages is based on the Hebrew-English version Koran Siddur. It was edited and commented on by British Rabbi Jonathan Sachs, who died last year and designed by Rafael Freeman. The translation and commentary are based on the UK’s authorized daily prayer book.

A translation of the prayer book into German was initiated, with financial support from the New York family of David Lobel, once a student of Sachs. ORD is now recommending the book to its member communities.

With a clear and understandable translation of prayers and a commentary, it was the aim of former British Chief Rabbi Sachs to “throw some light on the internal logic of prayers” and “reinforce the contemporary relevance of Siddur”. Among other things, he faced the question of whether prayer is answered and how daily prayer is structured.

»Stop and Order« The halasik instructions on Shabbat and holiday prayers complement the traditional text. In this book the prayers for the state of Israel and the state in which it is praying are resident. It also includes blessings for the Israeli military, for prisoners or for the opening of the house. Sidur is closed by a table of text types of various statutory authorities.

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The ORD board stated that they expected German customs to work quickly and quickly in the delivery of the German-language version Coran sax sidur Will be released as soon as possible. “The teaching of Lord Rabbi Sacks gives this support and orientation to our congregation, especially many times. His intelligence and voice were unique to the Jewish community and beyond. “

Sacks “are an inspiration to an entire generation, regardless of their beliefs. In the new Coran sax sidur This inspiration and knowledge lives on now. We are confident that according to the new prayer book ORD, it will become the standard doctrine of the Jewish community in Germany. Month

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