New Pokemon Snap sells four times better than the original game in the first week

New pokemon snap The Nintendo Switch had four times better sales in the UK in the first week than the game’s launch on the Nintendo 64 in 2000 in the UK. In college Super Mario 3D World + Fury of Bowser On Monster hunter’s rise Improved in 2021.

Not only are Pokémon cards doing particularly well, but games are also selling like hot cakes. The game fans were waiting for in 2021 was New pokemon snap, A reworked version of Pokémon Snap On Nintendo 64. In the game, it is not intended to fight other Pokémon with Pokémon. You take pictures of the monsters while you find out why the creatures have a mysterious glow. You can edit photos, share them and they can be judged by other players and the game itself.

Popular console

Compared to the version on the Nintendo 64, New pokemon snap On a console that is doing very well. Again Pokémon Snap Nintendo64 came out, it was not. In 2000, barely 1.5 million consoles were sold in the UK. also with Retail Nintendo has that advantage. Buying PlayStation5 is still a problem.

Instant number 1

Video game performed better than Retail On the PlayStation 5. According to GamesIndustry, a lot of games performed well for the Nintendo Switch this week. Starting May 1 Super Mario World 3D + Fury of Bowser, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, Ring fit On Minecraft All in the top ten for the switch. While these are all old releases, definitely Minecraft. In college Animal Crossing: New Horizon There was a dip, but still in the top five. New pokemon snap Looks great at number 1.

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