New partnership for Hyzone in the UK

Hydrogen truck maker Hyzone Motors recently announced a partnership with British logistics company John G. Russell Transport. Both companies want to facilitate the operation of fuel cell electric vehicles in the UK.

This new agreement stipulates that the two partners will collaborate to provide sales, rental and maintenance services to UK fleet owners and operators who wish to decarbonize their transport activities.

The two companies will focus their efforts on medium and heavy trucks by jointly developing products and distribution channels to suit British demand. For example, this year, both entities plan to conduct trials with a 44-ton 6×2 tractor designed by Haizon.

a very committed company

Hyzon will support the production and distribution of hydrogen in the UK with old and new partners who will supply it with the technology it needs and operate the facilities.

The company will focus on hydrogen generated through renewable energy sources. It is currently involved in various projects related to fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen production and refueling infrastructure, for example in California in the United States and Utrecht in the Netherlands.

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