New Friday demonstrations for climate across France

Several thousand people, mainly young people, demonstrated across France on Friday to demand action against climate change as part of the Friday for Future Movement launched by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

The parade, ranging from several dozen people to several thousand people, took place in Brett, Lille, Nantes, Leon, Angers, Montpellier, Rouen, Valence, Toulouse, Annecy, Saint-Breach, Strasbourg, Grenoble or even Paris. AFP journalists and images were posted on the social network by “Youth for Climate France”, the movement’s event.

The youth’s uncertainty due to the health crisis was also at the center of concern, reflecting many signs of a combination of the two themes, such as a simple “I want a future” or “My sacrificed youth. My future: +7 degrees”.

A high school student at the age of 17, Celeste said, “We must stop continuing our generation and the next generation, so that we can breathe our pollution born out of our current lifestyle without falling ill and leaving our generation and the next Live with the generation. ” , Came to perform with his friends in Besançon, where 350 people were gathered, according to police.

Like her, many high school students “skip class, not the planet”, while students recalled that they were sometimes not able to set foot in class for a year.

Demonstration for climate in Nantes, March 19, 2021 (AFP – LOIC VENANCE)

The 16-year-old in the second class, and according to the organizers, are parading Lyon (out of 400 protesters), “We are fed up with it getting hot, and it all disappears and this government does something to stop it Doesn’t. ” Province).

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In Nantes, 1,500 protesters, according to police, joined the Graslin Theater, occupied for ten days as part of the protest movement of the culture world, “work, consume and shut up” or “and one, give more.” And three degrees, it is a crime against humanity ”.

In Paris, they were 2,200 according to the prefect, 10,000 according to the organizers, overseen by a large police force. And many promised to return on Sunday, March 28, when several organizations called for demonstrations for “real climate legislation”, before the examination at the National Assembly of a bill originating from the Citizens’ Conference for Climate, a matter of great shame is. Many activists.

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