New football video game to be unveiled at the end of January, Lukaku the new ambassador

The new UFL football video game will unveil its first images on January 27. After Roberto Firmino, Romelu Lukaku was appointed ambassador as a future competitor to FIFA.

Gamers will be able to quickly make their mark on the next soccer game, the release date of which is still unknown. The first images of the UFL will be announced on January 27, as announced by the game’s official Twitter account. Romelu Lukaku was also unveiled as the ambassador.

Lukaku after Zinchenko and Firmino

In late August, the UFL was announced at Gamescom, a global video game event. Very little information was filtered out, except for the presence of over 5,000 licensed players and the possibility to “play against other players from around the world”. The UFL will be partially revealed in a month, to compete with the untouchables FIFA and the revamped eFootball (ex-PES).

While Oleksandr Zinchenko and Roberto Firmino were then announced as ambassadors, a third player joined this already iconic pairing: Romelu Lukaku. The Chelsea forward confirmed the news on Instagram when he revealed one of his in-game cards.

Lukaku: “I really like his philosophy”

“The UFL is amazing. I’ve been following the news around this game for some time and I really like their philosophy and approach to game development,” the Belgian striker’s reaction to the official press release. I’m looking forward to seeing what Strikerge will bring to football players and fans as the game continues.”

At the initiative of independent Belarusian studio Strykerz and “in development since 2016,” the sport has already announced partnerships with six European clubs: Monaco, West Ham, Sporting Portugal, Borussia Mochengladbach, Chakthior Donetsk and Besiktas. “Stay tuned for more big announcements!” The UFL promised on Twitter.

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