New documents show Dominic Cummings was paid a hefty salary before he was fired

The prime minister’s dismissed special adviser – who publicly lost the No. 10 power struggle – was earning £ 95,000 to ,000 100,000 when he was hired.

Official documents revealed today that he was being paid between £ 1,000 and ৫ 155,000 at the time of his departure.

They further revealed that Boris Johnson was dismissed from Downing Street by the armed police at the behest of Mr. Cummings and rejected the Civil Service’s advice to reach an agreement with a collaborator.

Sonia Khan – who vehemently denied leaking official information – is believed to have promised to pay a few thousand pounds in November.

Statistics show that a total of 112 special consultants were paid .9.6 million in the financial year ended March.

Last month, Lee Lee Kane, head of the prime minister’s communications department, was also paid between £ 1,000 and ১৪ 144,999 – the same as last year.

Newly-appointed press secretary Alegra Stratton, who will face a televised briefing from Jan. 10, said her earnings ranged from 125 125,000 to 12 129,999.

Official Downing Street photographer Andrew Parsons, who works part-time, earns the equivalent of ear 100,000- 4 104,999 for the full time, the figures show.

David Frost, a Brexit negotiator involved in talks with Michelle Bernier in Lord Frost’s Brussels, currently earns between £ 125,000 and 9 129,999.

Mr. Cummings received a title from No. 10 last month after bitter annoyance with Mr. Johnson’s influential fiancঃs, Mr. Stratton and Carrie Symonds.

However, he is only officially leaving the job this week, though Freedom Realize he’s been working on something, if anything, in those weeks.

Relieved Tory MPs have praised the possibility of a fresh start, after recognizing the collapse of the supporter in less than a year as the talent behind winning the general election.

He became increasingly controversial after surviving a lockdown rule in March at the height of the epidemic in Durham and his notorious travels in and around it.

Angela Rainer, deputy leader of Labor, said: “Boris Johnson defended Dokinik Cummings when he broke the lockdown rule – then he was paid ৫০ 50,000.

“Yet he is slashing salaries for key staff and refusing to increase the salaries and allowances of our caring staff.”

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