New ‘Deep Nostalgia’ Artificial Intelligence Technology brings old pictures to life including the very old

An AI-based service called Deep Nostalgia that powers the main selfie on Twitter has turned Sunday into a quiet Sunday, as people try to make a potential and scary fake “video”, it seems.

The Deep Nostalgia Service, provided by the online pedigree company My Inheritance, still uses D-ID licensed AI to create image transmission effects. It’s like the iOS Live Photo feature, which adds seconds of video to help smartphone photographers find the best shots.

But Deep Nostalgia can take pictures from any camera and bring them to “life”. The program uses previously recorded pilot videos for facial movements and applies the video that works best for the static image in question. The aim is to upload photos of your deceased loved ones and see them in “motion” which seems like a good idea.

Users have to create a free account on MyHeritage and then upload a photo. From there, the process is automated. The website optimizes the image before animating it and creating GIFs. Frequently asked questions on the site indicate that it does not provide pictures to any third party, and a message appears on its home page stating that “images uploaded without completing registration protect your privacy Are automatically removed. ”

Presumably, the program has become a bit of a meme on Twitter, as users try to push AI to its limits. An archaeologist used photographs of ancient sculptures, and yes, some of them were included with empty eyes. Sorry for the nightmares in advance (but hello alexander great):

Deep nostalgia can only handle single-headed shots and only face shake, so you won’t be able to revive mummies as if they are moving (I was thinking, okay?). You can upload five photos for deep nostalgia treatment to MyHeritage for free, after which you will have to sign up for a premium account.

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Wondering if it would be better to leave some images without animation? I am careful to upload photos to any site and I believe the general privacy warning still applies. But if you want to try it out, Deep Nostalgia prepares you for a real experience. Artificial intelligence is very good.

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