New crisis in Islam in France

Muslim unions have broken up over the sensitive issue of the National Council of Imams.

Islam in France remains vulnerable to divisions. Between the Confederates, they even turn to fraternal warfare. There may be a new act of disinformation this weekend. This ultimately threatens the French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM), created in 2003.

At stake: the management of imams in France. While the CFCM is preparing to form the National Council of Imams (CNI) in mid-December, as voted and announced in November 2020, four dissident unions, including the Grand Mosque of Paris and the Muslims of France, declare the former UOIF ‘ That she will form a National Council of Imams on this Sunday. The project is almost identical to CFCM but completely competitive!

The ambition of this National Imam Council is to regulate the recruitment, training, recognition of Imam’s diplomas, its compatibility with republican values, the status of Imams, their appointment in mosques. Its purpose is to eliminate the influence of imams who have come from abroad. France has 300 listed, paid

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