New basic costumes for Jean, Mona, Amber and Rosalia reignite censorship issue

jenshin effect The new costumes have been pretty skimpy on since their release, while details like this are very much present in other gachas. Version 2.4 of the game brings two more for the characters of Ningguang and Keking, and mihoyo today surprises us to reveal something New for Jean, Mona, Amber and Rosalia, But this wonder tastes bitter enough for part of the community.

Censorship on female characters?

So the studio presents us with new basic costumes for these characters. So the changes are not very significant at first glance, but we quickly notice the reason for these costumes.

To deal with the Chinese regulations and the comments received, miHoYo has decided to replace the original costumes of these heroines with more “cool” ones, implying that they reveal less skin and shape. These costumes will replace existing models on Chinese game servers (with 1200 first-gems as compensation), but they will be optional with ours., However, it is not known whether they will be chargeable or not.

While some fans are happy to see the arrival of the new costumes (which are still pretty cool), others are concerned about censorship from the game. And if it doesn’t change anything for players in the West (we just deserve more costumes), it’s not impossible that it will affect the design of future characters. It remains to be seen whether miHoYo won’t change its ways and provide a censored version only for China, as it is here, or if the studio will keep all servers on the same page for future characters.

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