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The Trump administration must adopt a new application for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as Daka, which protects some young immigrants from deportation, a federal judge ruled Friday.

Judge Nicholas Garofis’s verdict I mean The administration must re-launch the program for first-time applicants and return the protection period within two years.

In July, Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, issued a memo suspending Daka for new applications and how long the validity period was valid – reduced from two years to one year.

Friday’s ruling came a month after November, when Garofis said Wolfe had taken his position illegally, and therefore it was illegal to suspend his calling program.

Garaufis said the government had to post a public notice within three days of accepting the new call application. Garaufis also directed the government to submit a status report on the program by January 4.

The Daka program was created in 2012 under Barack Obama And people illegally bring their temporary right to live, study and work in the United States illegally as children, rather than live in fear of deportation. The program allows young immigrants to perform basic tasks, such as obtaining a driver’s license, applying for college, or obtaining a work permit.

Those protected under Dakar are known as “dreamers”. About 650,000 people are currently enrolled in the program.

The call under the Trump administration turned into a big flashpoint. In the run-up to the 2011 election, Trump vowed to snatch Daka immediately, sparking a legal battle this year when he was ousted from the Supreme Court while he was president.

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The apex court blocked an order in June calling Trump’s termination of termination “arbitrary and ridiculous” and said it violated federal law. His administration, however, has maintained a policy of not accepting new applications for the program.

Joe Biden has promised to make the call permanent through law enforcement when he takes office.

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