Netherlands suspends flights from UK

There is growing concern in Europe following the announcement by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of a new outbreak of the Kovid-19 epidemic in the United Kingdom, possibly due to a variant of the Saras-COV-2 coronavirus.

According to a report set up by the Agence France-Press (AFP) on Saturday 19 December from official sources, the epidemic has killed more than 1.67 million people worldwide. The United States remains the most affected country in terms of both deaths (over 316,000) and Brazil (over 186,000 deaths) in terms of recorded cases (over 17.6 million).

Among the European countries, the most bereaved is Italy, which has recorded around 68,000 dead and has announced graduation plans from 21 December to 6 January to reduce travel and celebrations at the end of the year’s holiday.

  • Netherlands: Flights suspended from UK

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 18 December.

The Dutch government suspended all passenger flights from the United Kingdom on Sunday, December 20, following a search in the Netherlands for a type of contamination of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The British. This flight suspension takes effect at 6 am local time on Sunday and will remain in effect until 1 amis January.

This comes hours after London was announced by the British government to rejoin and in an attempt to stop the rise in contaminants for a new strain of the virus in the south-east in England.

“A contagious mutation of the Kovid-19 virus is roaming the UK. They say it spreads more easily and faster and is more difficult to detect. “The Dutch Ministry of Health said in a statement.

The question of other modes of transport is still under study. Mr Rutte called on Dutch citizens not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

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“In the next few days, along with other EU member states, [le gouvernement néerlandais] Will seek to further limit the risk of new strains of the virus being imported from the UK ”, Further indicates the press release.

The Netherlands is currently implementing a five-week lockdown until mid-January, with schools and non-essential businesses closed, to prevent a rebound in the virus.

  • Contamination Rate Accelerating in Canada

Canada, with a population of some 38 million, has gone from 400,000 to 500,000 coronovirus cases in two weeks, testifying to the acceleration of the epidemic on its territory as the end of the holiday season. year. As of Saturday afternoon, there were 14,128 deaths in Canada, according to provincial and regional data reported by public broadcaster CBC.

The Ontario government announced over the weekend an extension of captivity in the great metropolis of Canada until January 4. In Quebec, Prime Minister François Legault announced new restrictions from Boxing Day until 11 January, including non-essential businesses and compulsory telecommunications.

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  • Netanyahu launches vaccination campaign in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent Kovid-19 at Ramat Anthem's Sheiba Medical Center, Saturday, December 19, near Tel Aviv.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu was vaccinated against Kovid-19 on Saturday evening, at the same time he launched a national vaccination campaign in Israel, a country that has not, however, eased its health measures.

Mr. Netanyahu, 71, and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein were vaccinated developed by the BioNTech-Pfizer companies. The first said he wanted to be the first to be vaccinated in a country of nine million people “Give examples” And ” To Motivate “ Population to do the same. More than 370,000 cases have been officially reported in Israel, including 3,057 deaths.

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However, the introduction of the campaign is not a rhyme for a period of time with decreasing health measures. By Sunday, all people entering Israel will have to be isolated for two weeks, with Israel returning from the United Arab Emirates, a country that has recently normalized its relations with the Jewish state. Tel Aviv and Dubai help start first direct air connectivity.

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  • Santa Claus also vaccinated

Santa is good for service and will be able to give gifts to children all over the world. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Saturday that he had personally vaccinated the old man with a white beard.

“I cared for you because I was afraid you would be sad”He said, answering questions from anxious children in a TV show aimed at families who wanted to know if Santa could safely enter homes on 25 December.

“I traveled to the North Pole, I went there and I vaccinated myself to Santa Claus. I have measured his immunity level and he is ready to go, The immunologist said.

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