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Channels and television channels are avalanche of films, series and documentaries about us. Some get immediate attention, but much is hidden in the glow. This section airs out such Netflix gems every week. This Week: Spitting Image

Serie : Shadow

The manufacturers : Roger Law e.

To see : Youtube

The sarcastic puppet show has been running for seven weeks The shadow Back, which attracted millions of viewers in the 1980s, thanks in part to Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, who participated in it continuously.

In the 1990s, there was a shortage of such attention-grabbing politicians. But now we have Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel. And of course still the English royal family.

If the beginning was not very strong, then gradually the writer begins to take shape. The episodes about the run-up to the US election were nice and rough, and even Thatcher popped up again in Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

The series’ loss, then and now: It mainly reacts to conditions in the United Kingdom, requiring viewers to have a lot of prior knowledge from elsewhere, for example about free meals at school where there is a lot to do .

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