Netflix series filming resumes in London, plot revealed

Spoilers warning at the end of season 3!

After New York and California, Joe Goldberg fled to Europe to satisfy his destructive passion. The cast and plot of Season 4 is getting clearer.

That’s all, it’s confirmed, the biggest psychopath in the Netflix catalog has actually crossed the Atlantic after getting rid of his very annoying wife, manipulative Love (played by Victoria Pedretti). The latest image of Joe Goldberg hinted that his next victims would be on the streets of Paris. Finally, it is another European capital that the writers have chosen as the setting for the fourth season of the series.

“Look behind you… that’s in the UK! Filming for Season 4 is currently taking place in London.

After the cool allure of New York bookstores, the trendy vibe of Los Angeles’s bobo milieu and the clean American suburbs, it’s within the good society of London that Joe will try to fit in…before committing crimes—we Let’s hope – the new, very perverted massacre.

site a few days ago time limit It turns out that Joe was going to join this little mundane environment through Malcolm (played by comedian Stephen Hagen), a young university professor who turns out to be a party animal. He then falls under the spell of Lady Phoebe (Tillie Keeper), a young aristocrat who is a bit unruly and very popular on social networks. A dozen more characters have been revealed in recent days.

You: photo, Penn Badgleynot really ready for family life

Among them, we find Lady Phoebe’s American boyfriend Adam (played by Lucas Gage, aka Tyler Inn Excitement) as well as Kate, Malcolm’s girlfriend, played by Charlotte Ritchie (call the babysitter, feel good) The young woman is said to be unfaithful to Joe… possibly Peach in season one or Deborah in season two (despite herself?).

Also the main cast included Amy Lee Hickman and Ed Spielers (Aragon, Outlander), as well as a dozen other young actors in the recurring cast. Most of them are still unknown to the general public. Marianne’s interpreter Tati Gabrielle must also return… to learn a similar trajectory as Love or Candace (who’s only “contender”, appearing in multiple seasons)?

You: photo, Penn Badgley, Victoria PedrettiNetflix’s Axis of Evil

After an encouraging first season, You managed to renew itself with a refreshing and fairly well-produced second season. a test not actually confirmed by the fake desperate Housewives Season 3 (he is criticized for some length). Let’s hope it’s in the fourth installment mode Made in Chelsea Thriller series. Decision at the end of 2022, beginning of 2023.

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