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Video streaming service Netflix is ​​launching ‘Fast Laughs’, a new part of their mobile app, where you can watch short, funny videos of series, movies and comedy shows on the platform. Netflix wants to inspire you when choosing your next film or series. Initially, the new feature is available for iOS users in a ‘limited number of countries’.

Short funny video clips can be found between the ‘Coming soon’ and ‘Download’ buttons at the bottom of the app. The interface feels very difficult such as TicketLock where you swipe vertically through short videos. The new feature aims to inspire people to discover a new film, series or comedy show. In addition to watching clips, you can add series, movies and comedy shows to your list, comment on video clips with emoji, or share the clip with friends.

Netflix began testing ‘Fast Laugh’ late last year. During the testing period, the short clips were all 15 to 45 seconds in length, but Netflix now confirms from technology website TechCrunch that there is no limit to the length of the short video. The streaming service says it will initially be primarily based on its Netflix Originals, but eventually wants to be able to offer its full list in ‘Fast Laughs’.

This is not the first time Netflix has looked to the competition to mimic certain services. It had already launched ‘Preview’ in 2018. They are short video stories at the top of the homepage that are very reminiscent of Instagram stories and Snapchat. Fast Laugh is currently available only to people with an iPhone or iPad in limited countries. The rollout will be later for users of Android devices. It is not yet known when ‘Fast Laughs’ will come in Belgium.

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