Netflix is ​​testing its Fast Laugh feature on TVs

Last year Netflix introduced a new feature in its app Fast Laugh. This time around, the subscription streaming service has declined its for TV application.

Netflix launched Fast Laugh feature in March 2021, these are short clips like TikTok videos but only related to the content available on the platform. If originally, it only included content from comedy, this feature now provides all content in theory.

It’s possible to react to a video with LOL, which is the equivalent of “likes” on other platforms, but it’s also possible to share it with other people or put titles on your list to find them to watch later.

Available on netflix homepage

From now on, according to Digital TV Europe, it is possible to find these fast laughs directly on your television, on the platform’s home page. At the moment, Netflix is ​​targeting English-speaking users in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada as well as the United States, but it could quickly appear in France if the public’s reception is good.

Unlike other content on the platform, Fast Laughs is editorialized by Netflix and therefore doesn’t necessarily offer only content that you might like. Let us tell you that Netflix is ​​also currently testing the new interface.

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