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In the new Netflix series “Bridgerton”, British Queen Charlotte Kale as well as several aristocrats. The reason for this is not really the so-called color-blind casting, but a historical debate.


When Netflix signed on to successful producer Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy”), the work was clear: she should distribute the hit series to the streaming service. And the prologue worked. The historical drama that he produced and its author was Chris Van Dussen “Bridgeton” met with huge interest and is currently the most viewed content in streaming provider in many countries around the world including Germany.

The fully fictional series, apparently based in London in 1813, has a very diverse cast. Many roles – including British nobility Worked with non-white actors.

No color blindness in casting

Who Chris Van Dusen dropped the magazin Decisive It turns out that this is indeed a case, as there is a rule that relates to the DNA of production company Shondaland: “We always cast the best actors in a way that represents the world today.” So-called color blindness, ie a profession entirely independent of skin color, is a longstanding tradition in the theater (otherwise Shakespeare’s adaptation would have only one role for non-white ensemble members), but it was increasingly in films Are used and through series.

But with “Bridgerton” he made an exception to the general theory of color blindness. Part of the court was deliberately chosen with the color of the cast and others of the British Queen Charlotte along with the famous Queen actress Golda Rochewell. It is a statement that comes with a historical debate.

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Deliberate exception to Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte, starring by Golda Rochewell, is one of the few real characters in “Bridgerton”. Sophie Charlotte zu Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who was born in 1744, married the British King George III in 1761. At the age of only 17 and by 1818 was the British Emperor.

And today there is a debate as to whether Charlotte was possibly the first (and so far) black British queen. This theory first emerged in the 1940s, but has been discussed more widely among historians, especially in the last 20 years.

It is based on an alleged ancestor of African origin, a historical painting and some historical details, but is also widely fought. And it can no longer be clarified in the end anyway.

But for “Bridgerton” manufacturers, it serves as an interesting hook …

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This is how series producer Van Doosan tells the magazine And onlineGiven the debate surrounding Queen Charlotte’s lineage, she thought, What a black queen could do: “Could she use her power to enhance the color of other people in society? Give you the title? Country? Duchess? “

In the series, the father of the main character Simon Bassett (reggae-Jean Page) was awarded his title of Duke, which plays a particularly important role in the overall narrative and central conflicts. Ultimately, the son is determined to have no offspring to “die” out of his father’s hatred, the revered title, which can only be inherited in a straight line, which Kaf Bridgerton (Phoebe Dienever) Leaves a lasting impact on the relationship with.

Lime daniels / netflix

Simone Bassett (right) with her foster mother Lady Danbury (Adoja Endoh)

Historical personality new in fantasy setting

Van Dussen’s interest in this background seems to be so high that the queen’s widespread presence, including her husband’s small presence (already severely devoid at the time) and other family members, are among the major deviations from the novel. Is one. The queen does not appear in Julia Quinn’s “Bridgerton” books, and she is also part of the so-called main cast in the series.

Wei van Dussen And online Explains, it was only logical for him to include the historical character in an otherwise fictional story because he wanted the series to be more than just the Bridgeton family. But it also gives the advantage of a visually exuberant depiction of disruptive aristocratic life: “Adding Queen Charlotte gave us the opportunity to show what really was the excess and decline at that time.”

The first season of “Bridgerton” is available on Netflix from December 25, 2020 And only the beginning of the story of the illusion of love of name and family. There is enough material for many more seasons to follow: The original book series, published between 2000 and 2006, already contained eight books. Meanwhile it has been expanded to include even more stories.

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